Suhas More

Suhas Rajendra More

I'm currently Software Developer at Josh Software.
I briefly studied applied computer science at Savitribai Phule Pune University, which is sort of like computer science, but with more of a focus on software engineering.

Fluent in C++ Java ReactJS HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript
and improving in Python and TensorFlow every day.

In my free time I have created Digital Public Contact Directory and Darrja - Blog

You may wants to visit my CV , GitHub or LinkedIn Account

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Project Overview

  • Phishing Simulation And Training Platform
    Ongoing project At SpringCT
    Phishing simulation and awareness training platform is web application supporting responsive UI. The Platform is used for simulating phishing attack and delivering awareness training. The training helps to convert users into primary layer of security. This Simulation and Training Platform is provided as a service in the cloud. The application facilitates simulating real life like phishing scenarios. It tracks user behaviour in these scenarios. The behaviour is further analysed to generate various reports. The reports help to identify training needs and the target users for the training
    ReactJS, Redux, JavaScript (ES6), nodeJS, Babel, Bootstrap, CSS
  • InspecEMS
    Internship Project At SpringCT
    InspecEMS is a cloud-based service for monitoring energy consumption, operational efficiency and system status. InspecEMS provides complete information that an organisation needs to manage their power systems and energy costs.
    ReactJS, Redux, JavaScript (ES6), nodeJS, Babel
  • Vasudev
    Master Degree Project - I
    Vasudev is a Artificial Linguistic Intelligence Computer Entity(A.L.I.C.E) or Chatbot. Which is designed to be personal assistant of human beings. Vasudev can surf the Internet, Play music and answer users question
    AIML, or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, Java, Bootstrap
  • Want2
    Master Degree Project - II
    Want2 is a website builder for non techmical user where user can create website on few clicks.
    JavaScript, Bootstrap, MongoDB
  • PubTact
    Free Time Activity
    PubTact is online public contact directory where individual can access millions of contact details free of cost. Contact details of personals, businesses and professional people.
    Visit : PubTact
    ReactJS, Material CSS, Spring MVC
  • Darrja
    Free Time Activity
    Darrja is a collection of quality and useful reading material. Primarily I write posts in Marathi because I observed that there is lot more traffic on the web from Maharashtra and from a rural area and there are less content and knowledge on the web which is primarily written in Marathi. The primary goal of Darrja is to improve there life, thoughts, and standards of living by providing great reading content on Darrja. I alone work on Branding, Designing, SEO, and Content Marketing as well along with writing a post on Darrja.
    Visit : Darrja
    Wordpress, CSS3
  • Tommy
    Graduation Project
    Tommy is a web search engine along with web crawler. Crawler is a automated program which browses the World Wide Web in a mathodical, automated manner.
    HTML,CSS,JSP,Java and Jsoup HTML parser


  • Second Prize In National Level Competition Held At M.J.Collage, Jalgaon For Vasudev.
  • Third Prize In National Level Competition Held At M.J.Collage, Jalgaon For Tommy.
  • Second Prize In App In 24*7 Competition Held At M.M.C.O.E Collage, Pune For Webcrawler.
  • Second Prize In Blind Programming In C Competition Held At Singhgad Collage Kondhava, Pune
  • Got Near About 6+ Prizes & Certificates In Verious Programming Competitions Which Are Mostly for C Programming.